SecureTaxData Delivers Solutions For Secure File Transmission

Email, FTP and other increasingly common communication tools like instant messaging were never designed to handle mission-critical business communication:

  • Integration between messaging tools and business applications is lacking.
  • Distinguishing high-value and confidential information from non-critical messages is cumbersome, if not impossible.
  • Monitoring, controlling and auditing sensitive traffic is time-consuming.
  • Sending and receiving large files is inconsistent or restricted.
  • Growth of storage is exponential.
Organizations spend millions trying to address these problems. Typically, outbound email encryption, content filtering gateways and quarantines are deployed. There are constraints on content, message size and recipients, and an increase in storage hardware and administrative resources. The result: a complex and costly IT environment, increased email and FTP server downtime, user frustration and, ultimately, non-compliance.


Protect Intellectual Property

Product research and development, manufacturing, marketing, supply chain and sales processes have gone global. As a result, your organization needs to prevent proprietary information from getting into the wrong hands. A quick glance at news headlines and financial statements shows what happens when firms do nothing more than just enough. Waiting for an incident to occur or ignoring the warning signs can have catastrophic results.

Manage Sensitive Records

There are compelling legal and economic implications to how sensitive records are managed. Private health, financial and identity information that is shared and stored in email, file servers and removable media are at risk. Finding the balance between sharing sensitive records efficiently with authorized parties and protecting them from accidental exposure is challenging. Mining sensitive data for business intelligence while preserving individual privacy requires a new generation of technology.

Strengthen Internal Controls

Faced with Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) regulation, companies often struggle to create adequate internal controls. Retaining and auditing electronic communications that are created, sent or received in connection with an audit or review is not easy. A cost-effective and simpler way to satisfy SOX compliance requirements is needed. The consequences of non-compliance, including fines, imprisonment or both, are a serious threat.

Defend Against Lawsuits

With the rapid growth of digital documents, the number of files that are shared using email and FTP has increased dramatically. However, file storage, transfer and tracking best practices are often overlooked. As a result, electronic discovery of evidence can be delayed and critical information may never be produced. Many companies are looking for ways to better mitigate the risk of unfavorable judgment and payment of damages to opposing parties.

SecureTaxData can help you manage your sensitive information better by enabling:


How does it work?

The process of sending files is almost identical to sending email. Instead of attaching files to emails, files are sent to the SecureTaxData Server in our datacenter over SSL. A notification email is sent to the receiver and is modified to include a link pointing to the list of files and/or folders that have been sent. Now the receiver has the option of downloading any or all of the files or complete folder hierarchies from the server. After the receiver has downloaded the file(s), the server notes the time, IP address and content downloaded as tracking information and reports it back to the sender.

Send files or folders of any size
Since files never hit an email server, any size is acceptable to send. On the receiving end, since the receiver is allowed to pull only want they want and when they want it, no one is mad because you sent them a huge file that is plugging up their email.

Send complete folders with hierarchy intact
When you are doing a project that requires you to distribute a complete folder hierarchy, you can. You are allowed to point and attach a mixture of any number of complete folders and files.

Notification Systems
Want to know who is uploading or downloading your files or folders? Just setup the notifications system and get informed about any action taken on those files and folders.

Anytime, Anywhere Access
Not at your office or desk and need that project folder? Just log on to your account in any browser and get what you need when you need it from anywhere.

Virus checking on all files
You can trust files that were sent to you. Every file is virus checked with the latest updated virus scanner.

Unlimited size storage system
Need more space? No problem. Your storage expands to the size you need.