As a corporate manager or an IT professional, you rely on business information to flow efficiently and reliably across your network. However, the number of emails and files has grown dramatically. You’re challenged by regulatory compliance and your competition to protect your confidential information from theft, leakage and accidental loss. Identifying what is critical and valuable in an increasing sea of data is essential, but it is not easy.

Have you tried email security, content filtering or file transfer products that are difficult to use, fail to work together or deliver promised reporting? Are emails, FTP servers, or scattered files putting your compliance and IT governance initiatives at risk?

Let us show you how to ease file transfer problems which will deliver greater efficiency and better protection with less complexity.

SecureTaxData offers a simplified platform that helps you:
SecureTaxData can help you
solve these problems!

Customer Spotlight
Keystone Staffing, LLC
"We wanted a way for our clients, consultants and staff to send files that complied with all guidelines of transferring sensitive documents across the internet. SecureTaxData is as simple to use as email but without the limitations of email attachment sizes and uses encryption to send the files."